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good morning. 5:00, live look from pacifica at the coast, you can see waves coming in bigger issue is rain, railings there a little wet with rain, the winds bigger factor especially as the morning goes on as the first of several storms begins hitting the bay area. we are on storm watch this morning. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. first we check in with meteorologist lisa argen monitoring live doppler. what is going on? good morning. we are just beginning to see the first rain band move into the bay area. we've got a good five hours of this, the yellows this is the last frame indicate the more moderate rain towards bodega bay, fort ross, inverness and
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an lima here's the north bay, sprinkles from san rafael, cortamadera, richmond san rafael bridge, golden gate bridge and around san francisco a few light returns. going to be another hour or so before we get into the steadier rain bay area wide and the winds are a factor gusting to near 30 miles an hour at our coast. is it impacting the commute yet sue? >> not yet, no reports of major accidents. golden gate bridge live shot you can see no cars coming through at this time, difficult to tell if the road is wet now or not, certainly it will be in the future no problems getting into san francisco southbound on the golden gate bridge. eastbound 580 north flynn, car fire on the shoulder, westbound drive out of the central valley good, westbound 4 big rig caught fire on the shoulder traffic out of antioch looking good at this hour. the rain and winds are starting to pick up north bay
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residents are in the middle or the start of what will be a ponding from the storm. -- will be a pounding from the storm. amy hollyfield is in san rafael. >> reporter: not too bad, a little mist, a little drizzle, we had heavy raindrops around 4:30 so the streets are already wet there's a chilly wind here in san rafael. north bay is supposed to get hit hard that's why we are here we are going to keep an eye on it for you. yesterday people the day getting ready, several sandbag stations in the north bay, people took advantage of those, clearing out gutters, government officials say they tell us they feel prepared they will be watching carefully, especially day two and three of this storm. >> i believe the storms back-to-back could produce significant runoff.
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>> reporter: san -- san anselmo has had its fair share of flooding. they put safeguards in place since the 2005 flood they say the creek looks nice and low so they are feeling good. here it is quiet now but it is wet, misty, even though there's not a downpour yet, grab that up pwhrel la -- umbrella and rain boots. tune in before you walk out the door because we will be here watching it for you. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. high waves along the coast could make things difficult, katie marzullo is live at the pacifica pier where it is raining pretty good now. >> reporter: the rain isn't as bad as the wind at this point. with every minute that goes by the wind gets stronger and the rain comes and goes blistery
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cold gusts. i wish i had a better way to demonstrate the rain, no flags flying or anything you can see, maybe our own light post gets a good shake in the wind and i can tell you some of the scariest moments i've felt, sitting in our live van when the big gusts come through, it sounds like someone is physically pushing onsides of the van that's how hard it was shaking. it is going to be dangerous out here near and on the water today. the coast guard is asking people to avoid the beaches, avoid low-lying beaches, obviously stay out of the water during the storm. boat owners and some of these were the crab fishermen we talked to in half moon bay yesterday they are being asked to make sure their vessels are moored any potential marine pollution sources are secured if boats start getting knocked around today and over the next few days, we don't fuel or anything leaking into the water, obviously.
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we are keeping an eye on the situation out here near the water. i know there are always risk takers who take advantage of ocean conditions like this. you couldn't pay me enough, i'm close enough and it is already feeling a little risky out here. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> you are not asking for a raise though. caltrans crews taking extra precautions on the bay bridge, construction project there is the subject of heavy winds workers on the span will be called down when winds reach over 20 miles an hour the main suspension cable is wrapped in a special zinc paste and plastic. california emergency management agency reminds us the storm provides a good kick to make sure we are ready for the rainy season ahead or any type of natural hazard we are
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encouraged to have emergency it cans with battery operated radios and flashlights, three day supply of food and water for everyone in the family and a manual can opener. in just a couple of hours, two planes and crews will takeoff from moffett field in mountain view for a long range ocean rescue 1,000 miles from dry land. planes and helicopters from the 129th rescue wing will help pick up an injured crewman from a philippine ship and airlift him for medical care. the ship is 1,000 miles from cabo san lucas. investigators say two victims in a fatal shooting sunday were 15 and 16-year-old girls. police are not releasing their names until detectives interview their families they were found shot sunday morning
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near brookdale park the two girls were friends, but did not live in the area they are not sure what they were doing there the 15-year-old was from san leandro, the 16-year-old from oakland. opd and crimestoppers are offering a $20,000 reward. a possible recall against sheriff mirkarimi appears to be losing steam for the moment. the sponsor has withdrawn the resolution citing timing. many were angered by the board of supervisor's decision last month to reinstate mirkarimi following his suspension. it led to a voter-driven recall move that seemed imminent. 5:08. if you are hitting the roads now, not bad just light rain. the worst of the storm may hit during your morning commute. if you can get out a little earlier, it will be
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better, it is going to get worse within the next three to four hours. right now lighter rain, heavier bands offshore, will continue to increase throughout the morning. winds are already ramping up from fort ross through bodega bay, moderate rain you can see morsels offshore we could see embedded thunderstorms light rain overspreads north bay, highway 1, richmond san rafael bridge, golden gate bridge, san mateo bridge sprinkles into the south bay sprinkles. we are looking at the frontal massage not until 10, 11:00 right now south wind gusts to 39 miles an hour, half moon bay, gusting to 25 in san jose. wind advisory up until 11:00. wind warning along the coast. winds could gust in excess here of 60 miles an hour. we have several hours of this before things improve looking at 50s, mild this morning with 60s in the afternoon, chance of thunderstorm. then it tapers off by the
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afternoon hours. the morning will be the worst, the next several hours, we are looking at a break tomorrow. by thursday night into friday, another rough commute as our second heavier round of rain comes our way. right now, live shot of the bay bridge toll, things are very light, tail lights headed towards the upper deck metering lights off, no problems heading into san francisco on the incline to the cantilever into the tunnel on the western side of the span. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit on time. you might want to leave the driving to the professionals when the storm gets underway and take mass transit. san jose almaden expressway, injury accident in the process of clearing out of lanes you may find slowing in that area. one lane southbound 101 through marin beginning at around san rafael past central san rafael southbound through
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greenbrae, cortamadera, mill valley once you are in sausalito headed up the wall grade, all lanes reopened, that until 6:00 this morning. san francisco police investigating overnight hit-and-run that involved several vehicles around 11:00 last night, the crash involved a car flipping over, several parked vehicles were hit, including a yellow school bus and muni bus. no injuries, police are still looking for the suspect who got away. 5:10. next an important trip to the white house for yahoo's ceo, melissa meyer. critical comments for one of the people on the short list for secretary of state. how susan rice is trying to appease republican leaders. >> first this morning's america's money report. federal judge is ordering the tobacco companies to say
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publicly they lied about the dangers of smoking they must also take out ads that say smoke something responsible for 1200 deaths a day. congressional watchdogs say it is time to dumb the dollar bill. the government -- to dump the dollar bill the government says the u.s. could save each year by switching to coins public prefers paper money if you are the winner of the huge power ball tonight experts say take the money and run. whatever happens with the fiscal cliff taxes on the very
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good morning. winds gusting in excess of 30 miles an hour at our coast, wind advisory throughout the entire bay area -- [ inaudible ] wind warning at our coast we could see winds there in excess of 60 miles an hour through 11:00 this morning. we'll continue to keep an eye on those winds. residents on the peninsula will be keeping an eye on a slipping hill slide where a mudslide happened earlier this month. a water main break caused this mess along several streets in daly city november 13th crews have been going around the
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clock to shore up parts of that hill to keep debris from flowing into the neighborhood daly city has spent almost half a million dollars to repair the damage. in iraq residents of a baghdad neighborhood are cleaning up following a car bombing the blast killed five on a day when insurgents launched taxes against security forces and civilians in central and northern iraq yesterday, 30 were killed, dozens wounded. in egypt several hundred protesters continue to clash with police in cairo. demonstrators threw stones while police fired tear gas not far from the u.s. embassy a include of tear gas can be seen over the area clashed have flared for several days. the woman who could be the next secretary of state is feeling heat on capitol hill. u.n. ambassador rice will be back today to try to appease republican lawmakers. rice met privately yesterday with gop senators mccain,
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graham and ayotte. they say she misled the public about the deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi after the attack, rice placed blame on an anti-muslim video the administration later said it knew the attack was the work of terrorists. >> concerns i have are greater today than before we are not close to getting the basic answers. >> the focus on some might say obsession on comments made on sunday shows, seems to me, and to many, to be misplaced. >> president obama says he hasn't decided who he will nominate for secretary of state. if it is rice, there could be a fight. it appears she would have the number of votes to be confirmed. yahoo's ceo meyer is meeting with president obama at the white house today, part of a ceo roundtable to help the president avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. if there is no deal we will
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all see tax hikes and government will cut spending beginning january. president obama has also called apple's ceo cook to get his input. 5:17. first of a series of storms is arriving in the bay area now. >> not that we want to panic when the national weather service calls it a river of rain -- >> many terms, atmospheric river, pineapple express, we don't like those terms. it puts everybody in a panic we will get through this. live look right now from our sutro camera, wind warning along the coast. you can see heaviest cells offshore from the north coast, mendocino, sonoma, marin light rain around the bay continuing to develop. closer look from sea ranch, fort ross, highway 1, bodega bay, wet around windsor over the richmond san rafael bridge, lighter returns the blue here
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pinole wet weather into the east bay 680 looking at wet weather as well as milpitas and down around the south a from pescadero. wind advisory is going to keep temperatures up, gusty south winds already 57 oakland half moon bay 55 napa, temperatures have come up with the southerly winds gusting to near 40 miles an hour half moon bay, 25 mile an hour gusts in san jose they will continue to increase throughout the morning as the front gets closer warning along the coast, advisory for everyone, stormy commute, rain shifts south tomorrow, the second system heads our way late tomorrow into friday morning. just as soggy. this is a quick mover, it continues to pump up the subtropical moisture we have to get that low in with that we could see the possibility of a thunderstorm so it is steering everything in our direction with that little break thursday, next system, by in time we could see flooding around here saturday
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into sunday. 6:00 the rain is getting more moderate, look at 8:00 yellows, still more offshore, 9:00 by 1:00, it is behind us winds taper we'll see scattered showers evening commute looking good. thursday afternoon, rains in the north bay by thursday night friday morning more rain this is going to last truth much of the day friday and that pace going to be the trend on and off through the weekend. six inches throughout much of the north bay, four inches bay area wide and about three inches for our friends in the south bay, 10:00 winter weather advisory above 6,000 feet, wind gusts to 55 miles an hour, high elevation snow, mid 60s today, very warm system behind the system we'll get southeast winds the look ahead, looking at temperatures staying very mild throughout the next three systems then we'll look for the rain to become more scattered late sunday, looking dry monday,
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tuesday. sue affecting the roads yet? >> not yet, high winds something to be careful of especially on the bridges this is a live look at the bay bridge toll, camera jumping a little you can tell it is windy. so far no delays as you can see headed into san francisco on the upper deck them is the golden gate bridge, a little moisture now ming on -- glistening on the roads headed into san francisco, four lanes off the waldo on to the span into san francisco southbound. eastbound 580, chp has upgraded or updated this information, car fire off the shoulders the reverse commute before grant line. westbound starting to slow a little out of tracy up and over the altamont pass speeds pick up and it is still about a 15 minute drive into the dublin pleasanton interchange. westbound 4 big rig caught on fire off to the shoulder waiting for a tow truck. you can see by the yellow sensors, traffic is slow out of the antioch westbound.
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first reports of a stall coming into san francisco north 101 vermont, a taxi stalled in the right lane. 5:21. next iphone regains dominance on the marketplace as it prepares to unveil new additions this week. grand finale for "dancing with the stars." we'll tell you who took home the trophy last night. today on katie -- [ inaudible ]
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good morning. both sides of the bay the bay bridge and east bay just starring to get wet with sprinkles and rain moving into the south bay a little. where is the rain now? >> heaviest rain in the north bay this is a loop we are going to stop it, yellows here from sea ranch to fort ross through bodega bay also right here are the winds gusting in excess of 30 miles an hour. wet weather, the heaviest offshore and the lighter rain from highway 101,
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san rafael, cortamadera into the east bay, berkeley just sprinkles now into the south bay and the rest of the bay not too bad. the coast picking up light rain and gusty winds, temperatures on the mild side, give yourself extra time you will need the umbrella winds and rain will pick up in the next two hours or so if you are flying out of town things look good, quiet across the nation the worst weather is here, expect delays probably in the next half however at sfo. we'll look for this to all be behind us by the afternoon hours. within the next two hours it picks up. right now mild conditions on the roads, live shot of the skyway off of the bay bridge, tail lights in the southbound direction towards 101 then the headlights eastbound towards the bay bridge and no problems, bay bridge looking good except for those high winds that will be a fact for for all bay area bridges this morning.
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-- north 101 vermont stalled taxi blocking right line not seeing slowing northbound coming into san francisco, drive times, 580 westbound looking good into dublin highway 4 starting to bunch up out of antioch speeds pick up, 80 east shore freeway, 20 minutes from the carquinez into the maze. research firm says the iphone has over taken google's and in the u.s. smartphone market again. the new data shows the early success of the iphone 5 helped apple over take its competitor in october. apple has 48% share compared to and 's 47% share. analysts say the last time apple over took and in the u.s. was after iphone 4s was released. smaller version of i-mac
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will hit stores friday, super thin made from -- display made from new glass that has less reflection and glare, under $1300, apple will take orders for the ers models. -- barry bonds, roger clemens and sammy sosa will be on the ballot for the first time. a month to decide whether the allegations against them will affect their vote. players need to receive 75% of the vote for induction next year results will be announced january 9th. "dancing with the stars" in case you missed it, take a look at the big winners. >> melissa and tony! >> melissa and tony danced their way to the all-star
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victory last night came as a big surprise, especially since melissa had to beat two former champions. they beat out shaw in johnson and derrick for the top prize. tony had a couple of reasons to celebrate his big win landed on his anniversary he will join melissa on general motors -- -- on "good morning america" >> they will be -- 5:28. we are on storm watch, the team coverage of this morning's storm continues right now you are looking at a live picture from san rafael where the roads are wet with light rain, winds starting to pick up, amy hollyfield telling us live information. also live doppler, keeping an eye on where the heaviest parts of the storm are expected to hit. those colors tell you the intensity we'll tell you what
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good morning. 5:31. we are on storm watch the first of a series of major storms has arrived in the bay area. you can see from live doppler, we have precipitation already and the winds are going to pick up, very active out there all of that will intensify in the next few hours when kids are going to school, and you are going to drive to work, at least we'll keep you posted. >> good morning we have team coverage of the first of several winter storms. reporters are watching the conditions out there, especially in the north bay where things are picking up now. >> let's begin with meteorologist lisa argen tracking the system with live doppler 7 hd. who is getting the wettest
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now? good morning. hi everyone. along the north coast just about to knock on your door, fort ross and bodega bay heavier cells, lighter cells indicated by the lighter green and blue just about into the 101 corridor, lighter benicia, walnut creek spotty into the south bay gusty winds you are going to feel up to 39 miles an hour bodega bay, over 25 miles an hour san jose within the next two hours this is going to continue to increase not going to get behind the system for another four to five hours, breezy, mild next several hours, increasing. the earlier you can get out on the roads, the better. right now fairly moderate traffic around the bay area, earlier stall coming into san francisco north 101 at vermont now cleared. no problems there. a look at some of your drive
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times 24 to the caldecott tunnel nice drive westbound, 101 novato through central san rafael, san mateo bridge from the peninsula towards 101 pardon me from hayward towards 101 and looking at your waze app, this is your 80 westbound commute towards the crockett area, pinole valley road, reporters showing rain through pinole towards the richmond parkway, moving at the limit there. 5:33. the rain is already coming down in the north bay that area is expected to get some of the most impressive rain and wind. amy hollyfield is live in san rafael, she has the latest for us. >> reporter: san rafael is getting a break now. we did have rain here about an hour ago you can see the streets are wet, it was coming down about 4:30 this morning. people are watching here and they are ready. they tell us they've cleared out their storm drains and
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pulled out their rain jackets. >> same schedule, it is going to be wet did a lot of prep around the house, it will be a usual day up here in the north bay during a storm. hopefully, we'll get good rain, snow in the sierra, it won't be rain, and it will be a crazy day on the roads that's for sure. >> reporter: we spotted the woman who delivers newspapers here in san rafael this morning. she is working at a quicker pace today. she is trying to beat the storm. she doesn't want to get wet and doesn't want her papers to get wet. word has spread the storm is coming, people are prepared, getting ready we are going to be here throughout the morning to watch over it for you and show you what the conditions are like before you leave the house. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. coastal residents should be cautious because of huge waves the storm is expected to generate boat owners are being warned to make sure vessels
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are properly moored. katie marzullo join us from pacifica with more on our team coverage. >> reporter: light rain almost hard to differentiate between the rain and the sea spray, because the wind is the real issue here this morning, shoving the light rain into our faces with stinging force. not hard rain coming down. we just talked to two residents of san jose fishermen who just headed down the long length of the pier to catch crab this morning. they say they do it all the time they are well aware of the forecast and feel confident they know what they are doing they are probably fine for now the ocean is relatively calm, the rain as well. although, coming didn't a bit harder as i speak. the coast guard is warning people to stay away from the beach from low-lying beaches also to stay out of the water during the storm. same goes for boat owners.
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here's the pillar point harbor master in half moon bay yesterday. >> we did a head count and for the most part, i'd say it is going to be lock it down tonight, keep it ready for the weather. >> reporter: that's what i get for saying the rain is light, it is now coming down in much larger drops if you can make it out in our light just along the pier solid rain coming down at an angle, going to be rainy, going to be windy today gusts up near 50 miles an hour that is why the coast guard and other officials are warning people to stay away from the beach, stay often water and be careful as today's storm -- stay off the water and be careful, as today's storm conditions are going to be dangerous, katie marzullo, abc7 news. communities around the bay area have been bracing for this major weather maker in oakland crews are handing out sandbags in preparation for possible flooding at fire
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stations across the city from 8:00 in the morning to 9:00 in the evening. city crews cleared debris from storm drains and creeks, officials are looking for volunteers to help clear more after the first wave of weather passes. in the south bay, the water district will use webcams to keep an eye on rivers and creeks icam are used to monitor critical storm drains in los gatos, sunnyvale and morgan hill, they will have the latest information. water district encouraging homeowners to remove leaves and other debris from gutters to avoid clogging storm drains. we will have full resources on how to stay safe during this rainy season or any natural hazard on our website, under see it on tv. 5:38. this afternoon a 15-year-old boy will be arraigned on murder charges in the san jose crime spree that included a murder, robbery and shootout with police.
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the d.a.'s office has charged adonis muldrow as adult yesterday, prosecutors believe mull degree and 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks killed rory parkpettiford two weeks ago. investigators say the two went on a crime spree that included four armed robberies and a shootout that injured a san jose police officer. uc berkeley campus building will be open this morning after student occupies -- occupation ended peacefully last night several barricaded themselves in the building 4:00 yesterday afternoon they held banners from windows and supporters gathered in the plaza. they released a statement demanding more support for minority programs they have a gate -- 5:39. lisa argen has been watching live doppler from where the rain intensity is picking up.
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the winds gusting over 30 miles an hour, here's a look at that last frame you can see heaviest rain from highway 101, well up in the north bay through fort ross and bobo bash and bodega bay, occidental and windsor getting the heavier rain, lighter richmond breezy conditions will only increase throughout the morning around the south bay sprinkle and light rain that too will increase. the gustest winds at our -- gustiest winds at our coast and wind warning along the shoreline, with we could see winds in excess of 55 miles an hour by 9:00, 10:00. we are continuing to see the system ramp up as it sits off the coast the rest of the forecast calls for mild temperatures, breezy winds, increasing rain, scattered showers in the afternoon with 60s.
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looking at things to really settle down throughout the afternoon hours then just a chance of showers tonight we get into a little break, but the next system although it aims heaviest in the north bay tomorrow, it all shifts south for more heavy rain overnight thursday into friday's morning commute. good morning. happy wednesday. right now live look at the bay bridge toll, a little windy not a little, gusty winds on the bay bridge camera jolting around, if you are paying cash left lanes as you approach the toll, minor delay and the right lane cash paying as well every other lane breezing through, minor delays at the bay bridge no problems upper deck. westbound 4 harbor earlier big rig fire out off to the shoulder clipped through power poles waiting on a tow truck in the pittsburg area, antioch bumper-to-bumper hillcrest towards 242 speeds pick up past the pittsburg area.
5:41 am
bart, muni, caltrain all great alternates. here's a look at your drive times from santa rosa to novato highway 24, walnut creek towards dublin pleasanton area and 580 and east shore freeway, carquinez to the maze under 20 minutes. expect drive times to increase. next, enormous construction project springs up on the side of the deadly chernobyl nuclear site what is being built over the damaged reactor. controversial plan to make
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good wednesday morning from our sutro camera shaking a bit southerly winds gusting all around the bay area, wind advisory for the bay, wind warning along the coast, winds in excess of 25 miles an hour for our south bay, coast over 30 miles an hour will continue to increase throughout the day, rain increases as well, look at live doppler 7, coming up. 5:45 now this morning's wet weather is especially worrisome to a community of northern californians, already
5:45 am
hit by an earlier disaster. rain, flooding even mudslides could devastate communities in plumus county an area charred by the 75,000 acre chips fire this summer. people say they are worried loosened soil can cause a problem when mixed with heavy rain. pg&e says crews will be working nonstop to clear debris to make sure the generators don't get clogged. workers ukraine have razed first section of a structure that will cover the exploded reactor at chernobyl. officials say razing the structure is significant in a complex effort to cleanup the site of the world's worst nuclear accident in 19896. -- in 1986. work will begin on miss manhattanling the reactor and disposing of radioactive waste. 5:46. if you want to avoid large crowds at the mall, today may
5:46 am
be the best day. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. if you are hoping to get to the mall, but want to avoid scenes like these, today could be a good day, of the days left between now and christmas, today will be the least crowded, 15th will be the busiest if you go shopping you might not have to worry about getting hungry retailers have been serving gourmet food to increase consumers' appetites for their products, you might get prizes, jc penney giving out scarves, banana republic chocolate. cyber monday was busy, sales jump 30% compared to last year, said it had its best day in history. starbucks stirring up what may be most expensive coffee ever, $7 for a large cup of costa
5:47 am
reza coffee, it is -- costa rica coffee,v├▒kwu $40 half pound bag available nationwide next year. at new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. just checking out lisa's map, a lot of rain coming. lisa, we could be more concerned with the winds too. >> yeah, by the end of the weekend when we've had that second storm and the storm drains and the soil can't absorb much more this is just the first one, you are right the wind is a bigger factor with this. this is a quick mover. but it is just getting started. as we head out now, looks quiet, you can see a little movement from our cam -- camera winds are continuing to ram up now. heaviest rain in terms of the yellows are offshore in the north bay, beginning to move over parts of marin county and
5:48 am
into our east bay, as we get in closer, darker green, bodega bay and the yellow from occidental, highway 101 look at moderate rain from windsor to santa rosa, lighter rain over through richmond and pinole looking at scattered showers, sausalito, golden gate bridge wet and windy. peninsula, san mateo coast breezy conditions a few light returns around the south bay. over 40 mile an hour gusts at times half moon bay. 25 mile an hour wind gusts around san jose, mild morning with those winds out of the south keeping temperatures up. wind warning along the coast and winds continue to go up about 9:00, 10:00 when we are into the heart of this system, getting on the back side after that we'll see winds diminish. stormy commute, rain shifts north tomorrow, we are looking at a piece of that energy sliding south to bring more in the way of wet weather tomorrow night into friday.
5:49 am
here's the first system, we are in it now. the second system this is the one that is going to bring the heaviest rain to the north bay. it is going to linger and once it lingers the second system on its heels is going to dump probably inch of rain or some 8:00 is when the most intense rain comes our wearing the next hour. three hours after that, four hours things begin to calm down, better evening commute. this next system is the one that is going to really keep the train of rain and that wet weather headed our way throughout the weekend. temperatures will be mild today, winds gusting, rain increases for your morning commute. pretty moderate, good morning, so far, so good, a live shot coming off of the bay bridge skyway tail lights headed southbound, headlights eastbound on the bay bridge skyway. we need to be kay with high winds now, that's a big
5:50 am
problem, -- as the rain develops, puddling water and slick roads right now moderate out of the storm valley still slowing as you reach your way towards livermore and altamont pass, things pick up towards the dublin pleasanton area. westbound 4, bunched up out of antioch, pweupl bethlehem, big rig -- bumper-to-bumper, big rig fire out, tow truck trying to clear that big rig out of the way. this is your waze app looking at 101 through san jose, reporters are saying moderate northbound light rain there great america parkway moderate as well you can download this app to navigate your commute free on apple's app store and google play. san jose city council is waiting until next week to decide whether to allow airport workers and other people to shoot birds at the airport, san jose international covers 300 acres
5:51 am
of vegetation that attracts birds and other wildlife. the faa has required the city to implement methods no disburse birds and prevent airline accidents san jose prohibits anyone other than law enforcement officers from discharging a firearm. first of its kind medical transplant. we'll show you how doctors moved a breathing long from one patient to another. another look for you as we track the storm and the wind, the rain all coming from a major storm over the bay area. we'll have traffic impact as
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good morning. rain and winds continue to increase across the bay area heff withiest north bay from santa rosa to rohnert park highway -- 1 and highway 101 spreading into marin county, lighter returns east and south bay, grab your umbrella, wind gusts over 40 miles an hour around the bay in spots, temperatures on the mild side, rain will anyone -- diminish throughout the afternoon. heavy rain bridges bay area, bay bridge toll, cash paying folks have a minor delay, fast track and carpoolers are whizzing
5:55 am
through the toll, no metering lights yet, windy conditions on the upper deck headed into san francisco. wet at the golden gate bridge, light traffic southbound, four lanes for your southbound commute no problems off the waldo. stalled car fire eastbound 580 at grant line reverse commute direction, fire trucks end -- en route to that slow out of tracy up and over the altamont pass. the marine corps is lifting one more restriction placed on females, women will be required to perform pull-ups like males part of their annual fitness test the change takes effect in 2014 replaces the current practice. will have to perform at least three to graduate. announcement comes same day four veterans and the aclu filed a lawsuit over policies that restrict women from combat positions. southern california man
5:56 am
making history as the first receive a breathing lung transplant. 57-year-old fernando padilla was ing pulmonary fibrosis he volunteered to be part of a new trial. a team at ucla medical center was able to keep a set of donor lungs as life, during trance port the organs were in-- unfused with blood and oxygen allowing them to breathe on their own. >> maintains the lungs outside of a human body in a near physiologic state. >> i would like to thank them. >> doctors say padilla's transplant was a success and they hope the breakthrough can help save some of the thousands who die every year waiting for a transplant. our storm watch coverage continues at 6:00, bay area getting ready. >> live doppler tracking the storms as it moves into northern california we'll go to our reporters on the coast
5:57 am
and in the north bay for a look at conditions outside. >> plus, how bay area communities are preparing for possible flooding, mudslides and other disasters.
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, leading edge of rain and wind heading into the bay area. live doppler tracking it all right now. [ inaudible ] good morning i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. right now let's take you outside to pacifica, give you a picture on the right of your screen being see waves which will increase posing somewhat of a danger, winds on the coast will be incredible.

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